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BKNJ Review - Mute

Okay, I feel weird. Here at Buzzkill, we do not recommend watching Altered Carbon and Mute back to back, for the mere reason that the combined hopeless societal outlooks, might leave you feeling, kind of strange. Slight spoilers; something happens to Paul Rudd that stays with you, hours after the fact (and counting).

Mute was a movie, which is great because modern attention spans can not even tolerate having to watch the closing/opening credits of a series for more than 3 seconds. Movies are meant to capture a smaller chunk of the viewers' time, which means a more condensed message. The message of Mute was basically that hot girls are more important than everything, and at Buzzkill, we agree.

All of the characters delivered, (including you Charlie Pace, dress-up all you want).

Overall - Must Watch (WARNING: If you even slightly resemble Paul Rudd, and can grow a substantial mustache, watching might leave you feeling kind of sad.)


That guy in the glasses is Jennifer Aniston’s husband. You’re welcome. Great costumes.

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