HOPE Paranormal and Stephen Hawking

Here at Buzzkill, we are well-aware of just how strange these spirit-box sessions are. Josh is communicating with ghosts in real time, and ghosts are kinda weirdos. In their defense, they have no body, so no vocal chords, which makes talking a real chore. This means the message must be condensed.

In this latest episode, Josh puts feelers out for the recently deceased Stephen Hawking. He ends up speaking with a spirit, who identified itself as “Stephen Hawking”. See what I mean, kinda weird right? Hawking was a man of science, and an under-reported side-effect of being a man of science, is a distancing from God. Hawking was a religious skeptic, so it is possible he is still hanging around, which for him, given his life of confinement, could be exactly what he wanted.


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