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The Static

It has always been there, yet many explain it away. “I just got a chill.” But then how did the temperature change enough for you to suddenly and momentarily feel cold? At a young age, your instincts scream at you, “it’s a ghost,” but our growing and fragile minds cannot or will not submit. Instead we blame it on imagination. But does it ever stop? That static, that feeling like electricity is flowing through or on your body, making the hairs on your arms and neck stand up. Perhaps it will stop, if you continue not to believe.

Why does it happen? Because the human body is a miraculous machine, that strives to protect itself from every conceivable scenario. It is almost as if your own soul is able to operate slightly out around the edges of your body, essentially trying to watch your own back. It can be used in lots of creepy situations, when someone is lurking behind you. Some will notice this feeling while alone in their home. Yeah, it is probably a ghost, but it could be someone you know.

We have detailed the adventures of HOPE Paranormal, spirit-chasers from south Florida, in the HOPE Paranormal Category. Last Thursday, this writer got a chance to visit Woodlawn Cemetery, where Josh communicates with the inhabitants. I stood in the spot where the Riddle House was located. It is now just a sunny, open patch of sidewalk, grass and shrubbery, connected to the Palm Beach Community College. As soon as my foot touched the grass, the electricity started, or turned on. I turned and snapped a picture.

This was in the middle of a sunny and windy day. The static feeling lasted consistently as I stood on the location, and did not break until I walked away. There was definitely something there.

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