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Saw the Light and Chose to Stay

In the latest from Hope Paranormal, Josh travels again to Woodlawn Cemetery, where he is able to communicate handily using a DR60 recorder. This latest spirit, Patsy, was a woman, but because Josh mishears her answer when he asks her to clarify, Josh thinks it is a man. Definite sense of let-down from the spirit on this front, no one likes being gendered wrong. Still the spirit was eager to communicate with Josh, probably with anyone alive, one would assume.

The spirit tells Josh that she did see the light when she died, yet she chose to stay. We know ghosts all have different reasons for doing so. Josh asks how long she has been in the cemetery, she says “too long.” It seems obvious from the spirit’s tone, that she regrets not going toward the light. Since this spirit, and presumably others, have seen the light and not gone to it, that would explain their attraction to the light, when they finally see it again.

In other news Ed, and his two girl-ghost companions (one of which is believed to be hot, jury is still out on the other), have continued to travel through a portal from the Bellaire House in Ohio, to drop into the spirit-boxes of both Josh (in Florida) and Steve Huff (in Arizona). It seems like this ghost troupe, after discovering the equipment of Josh and Steve during their visit to the Bellaire House, are using said equipment to travel throughout the world at a moment’s notice. Almost like telephone lines. It happens that quick. The arrival of Josh’s spirit friends, Adam and Bob, seemed to cause them to retreat, for now.

That does not mean they will not be back. While it is important to remain open-minded in these situations, intuition states that these three need a reality check. They have been able to exist without societal restraints or rules for years. Josh would be wise to call on arch angel Michael, to straighten them out, maybe even TuPac could assist.


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