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Paranormal friends, let’s talk about them. "Adam" is a spirit, that Josh from HOPE Paranormal is friends with. HOPE Paranormal is starting a Patreon page, which gives subscribers access to more exclusive content. Josh has started getting the word out in the spirit community. For this to be done more effectively, it would help to find a spirit to help you with the process. That is Advertising 101.

There were 14 names that were called out during the spirit-box session; Chris, DH, Phillip, Heather, Ivan, Cathy, Dennis, Mike, Tony, Bruce, Noah, Cynthia, Jack and Dale.

Adam tells Josh to ask him for help. Apparently, a person needs to ask the spirit, in order for the spirit to help them. The spirit also has to ask permission to help someone. Free will is supposedly what keeps spirits from attaching themselves to you. So that’s good.

If one of those names stands out, or you want to follow the HOPE Paranormal Patreon Page, click here:

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