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What is Goin on with Chris?

The spirit “Chris” has been featured numerous times in HOPE Paranormal videos. Josh usually runs into Chris whenever he visits a certain part of Woodlawn Cemetery in West Palm Beach. Josh had recently been told by some other spirits, that Chris had left the cemetery. Josh was hopeful that Chris had been able to move on. In the latest HOPE Paranormal video, Josh finds out that Chris never was able to leave.

Staying positive is not always easy. In fact, negativity is like its own energy. It can consume you and those around you. Disappointment leads to negativity. Josh had been hopeful that he was able to aid Chris in his goal to get out of purgatory.

In an earlier video, Chris says his last name is “Harris”. Josh believes that Chris died by suicide, which is why his spirit is stuck on earth, unable to see anyone else. Purgatory for people who kill themselves is spent alone, presumably to give them time to reflect on themselves, and how they ended up in their situation. It is not a pleasant situation to think about. Walking around a world with no other people in it, sounds unbearable.

According to Chris, Josh was the first person he has seen since his death. Josh carries with him the Light, which could be why Chris was able to see him. Josh communicates with Chris primarily using a DR60 recorder, which has a powerful microphone that can pick up spirits’ voices. Chris’s voice is unique. He is also one of the most effective communicators through this device.

It is upsetting to find out that Chris is still stuck. Despite the prayers of Josh and the viewers of HOPE Paranormal, and despite his asking for God and the light, Chris remains. It is becoming clear that Chris is missing something. Josh cannot do it for him. He will need to help Chris admit to himself, whatever it is that is keeping him stuck in Woodlawn Cemetery.

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