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The DeMeo Sisters

There are four sisters in the DeMeo family. Caroline, the eldest sister, is a musician, and is mostly off doing her own thing. Diana is the second oldest, followed by Jen. Diana and Jen are only a year apart. They are very close. Diana and Jen’s friendship with Dennis and Jerry, is how they became friends with Jack. Jack is also neighbors with Diana’s friend Vicky.

Diana is closest with Pat and Jack. The three of them act as the unofficial leaders of the group. They are also known to break off into their own separate adventures.

Jen is very close with Dennis. Jen has been in a long-term relationship with Jake for years, which makes her closeness to Dennis border on scandalous. Neither Dennis nor Jen have ever admitted to any extra-curricular activities, but the group has their suspicions. It is even safe to say a majority of the group is rooting for them to end up together.

The youngest sister Danielle, is five years younger than Jen. She has always been considered a little kid, but lately, has been seen coming out with D and Jen. Jack, one of the younger members of the group, seems to have been developing a not-so-secret crush on the youngest DeMeo.

(Diana DeMeo, Danielle DeMeo)

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