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HOPE Paranormal Crossing Over

In the latest video from HOPE Paranormal, Josh returns to Woodlawn Cemetery. During his last visit, Josh learned that the spirit “Chris”, who he had thought had found his way to the Light, was still stuck in the cemetery. The revelation was disappointing to say the least. Every day faith is tested.

We discussed in the last post, how negativity can spread. Failure, bad luck, disappointment, can all lead to a crisis of faith. The only way through it, is to just keep moving forward. Refusing to give-up, despite feeling hopeless, will eventually lead to a confirmation of faith. Such an event happened to Josh in the latest video.

According to Josh, prior to arriving in Woodlawn cemetery, he received a message telling him that there was a preacher of sorts, as wells as some other spirits, who were ready to find the Light. Josh parked in a different area of the cemetery from usual. He came in contact with a spirit who identified as “John”. Josh felt other spirits around as well, but the strongest connection was coming from John.

John answered that he was a believer in life. In fact, he said he was a pastor. What led him to stay on earth after he died is unknown. Since that time, it would appear that John and some others, began looking for the light. “Help us,” John asked Josh.

Josh was uncharacteristically confident that the spirit was ready and able to move on. Josh prayed and called upon the Light. At this time, Josh said that he could feel the presence of the Light, as well as some angels, who had come to guide the spirits.

After asking for God and the angels to lead John to the light, that is what happened. One of the ways to pick-up on paranormal events, is “the static” feeling, which makes the hairs on your body stand up (pictured).

Josh finally asks Pastor John if he had made it to the light. John said yes. John said that he saw the light, and that he was there.

The lesson of this latest HOPE episode, was to hold on to your faith. It is okay to feel helpless and let-down. Usually, the events that restore your faith, happen when you feel right on the verge of giving up.

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