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Lady Gaga

Here at Buzzkill, we never pass up on an opportunity, to talk about Lady Gaga. Even us grey, New Jersey black-hearts, nod along with most Gaga songs, and if you have not yet seen American Horror Story: Hotel, get on that.

Apparently, Lady Gaga believes she is being followed by the spirit of a person named “Ryan”. Having known our share of crazy people named Ryan, this topic deserves a further inspection.

While the tech is great, and the spirit-box, DR60 recorder and others make spirit-chasing possible, it alone cannot rid you of spirits. To start, a quick question for our favorite pop-star; Is “Ryan” a male or female (androgynous name)? Treating the spirit like the person that they were helps to calm down the interaction, and zero-in on possible motivations.

Since Gaga is allegedly looking to rid herself of the spirit/s, "Ryan" is probably giving her a negative vibe. Knowing more about the spirit could help figure out what their reasoning is, but reaching out too much, could make its attachment to Ms. Gaga stronger.

Our suggestion is to bring in a professional. Just so happens, we know some people. Since Lady Gaga has a north-eastern vibe, Josh from HOPE Paranormal, would be our suggestion. First, Josh has a strong connection to God, Jesus, Arch-Angel Michael and Tupac Shakur (which is a big help), and has been able to successfully rid unwanted spirits from establishments, and himself.

Our intuition is that Lady Gaga’s spirit follower, could fall somewhere in the shades of grey that Josh encountered with the spirit “Frank”. Spirits can be from all different time-periods. They are stuck roaming earth until they move on. Helping spirits move on is Josh from HOPE’s primary objective, and it is the longest-lasting fix. “Ryan” may be obsessive, intrusive and unwelcome, but people only become more jaded after they die.

With charisma and beauty comes a gravitational pull, that attracts people and spirits alike. If it is determined that the spirit is unwilling to move on, or has turned too far towards the darkness, then Josh would have to use the power of the Light, to banish the spirit from Gaga’s personal space. From there it would be up to her, to police the souls of the individuals in her orbit, in order to keep negative influences from hanging around.

Lady Gaga "Poker Face" Video (so hot)

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