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HOPE Paranormal Spirit Clique

For those new to HOPE Paranormal, a quick recap: Josh is the main human part of the group. His journey started years ago, when through the events of his life, he came into contact with a medium, and certain people with certain gifts. Over time, through his connection to God, Josh began to realize certain gifts of his own.

Modern society is fully of backwards priorities, that this writer can only attribute, as coming from the devil himself. Sins of the flesh, like gluttony, sloth, lust, envy, vanity, and pride, are all not only not condemned, but celebrated, all in the name of greed. I count seven there.

But a counter-culture has been forming. While academia has been banishing God and religion from the public square, he has not gone away. There are certain truths that pre-date Google and Amazon’s interoperation of the history of the world.

HOPE Paranormal’s Youtube channel had been taking-on thousands of subscribers, as Josh develops his abilities to communicate with the spirit world. Along with the individuals around the country who have been watching the videos, there are certain spirits, who have also gathered around Josh. It is believed this is happening because of Josh’s ability to tap into the Light, which is basically the divine power of God, Heaven, goodness, happiness, and eternity.

One of the new arrivals to this HOPE Paranormal spirit clique, is Josh’s friend Adam. Adam was friends with Josh in life. Adam was murdered. He still carries anger, most likely from the events surrounding his death. This anger is what is keeping Adam here on earth. Spirits, like the people they once were, carry insecurities that keep them from moving forward. Adam is not the only spirit in the crew.

Michael is a spirit, that this writer was told about months ago, in what I believe was a message from an angel (really). The message came while watching a HOPE video. The angel told me that Josh was connected to someone named Michael, and that together they would be doing God’s work. I told Josh, since it felt like whoever was telling me, wanted me to tell him. I was apparently not the only person to give Josh this message.

In the latest video, Josh encounters Michael the spirit. He is one of a few, that is able to communicate clearly on the DR60 sound recorder. We first wrote about Michael in the post, “Josh Helps Michael” (11/09/17).

The following is direct from Michael on the DR60 recorder: “I am the constant guide. David is locking it. Can somebody help me with these gates? Thank you. Ok.”

While the message is cryptic, it does hint at Michael being some sort of spirit-guide, with a connection to Heaven.

Josh asks, “How do I know you?”

Michael responds, “You don’t. I like your passion, we use it. Both of us can hang around God here. You’ll be mastering the light soon, helping to put them back.”

Michael says that he has been around a long time. He tells Josh that he has been to Heaven. Michael tells Josh, that he was drawn to him because of what he has been doing. Through his acts of trying to lead spirits to Heaven, Josh has embraced his connection to the Light, which he can use to help spirits going forward.

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