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The White Light

As we close in on the completion of the first film, “Buzzkill New Jersey,” we cannot help but be thankful for our friends at HOPE Paranormal, for giving us some perspective. The life of a human person is anything but easy. Life as a spectrum can go from the greatest ups to the greatest downs. One thing above all, that we have been able to deduct from the communications between Josh and the spirit world, is the concept of “the Light”.

At the start of the video, Josh started getting some shade thrown into his spirit-box session, mainly in the form of a certain guy named Ed. Briefly we will explain that Josh and Steve Huff established a connection to Ed after visiting the Bellaire House. The act of saying Ed’s name during the session, or blasphemy, is meant to heckle those associated with God, but when Josh asks his spirit friends for help, those voices go away.

There are different spirit-guides, that have been guarding Josh, and aiding him in his work. One of our oldest spirit-friends is “Bob”. This writer imagined Bob originally as “a large man, who was made of bright light”, when making him a character in the screenplay, “The Abstract”. I had envisioned almost like a “Dr. Manhattan” looking humanoid-spirit, created and made-up of the very light where his powers come from. Turns out I was pretty close. Josh does a few water-bowl pictures, where he uses light reflected through the ripples in a large bowl of water. (Picture of BOB below)

The spirit “Michael”, this writer was also foretold about from the spirit-world. He too has been to Heaven. Both Bob and Michael describe Heaven as a light, an energy force. Michael tells Josh that the skills of working with the Light, are only taught to those who have a path.

The reason people probably began picturing Heaven in the clouds, is because that is probably exactly where it is. It is all around us every day, it connects the living and the dead, and it is powered by God’s love. Love is one of those things that keeps people together through the peaks and valleys life.

Caution: Tissues

One of the more incredible events from HOPE videos, is Josh establishing a connection to people he has known in life, who have died. Josh’s friend Larry had recently passed and he brought his wife Claudia to a session in order to connect with him.

When Josh first asks for him, Larry’s response definitely strikes a chord. He says, “This never taught to me, it’s Larry.” Larry was referring to communicating with the DR60 recorder. It is interesting to note that communication with these devices is a skill that spirits have to learn.

When Josh gives the recorder to Claudia, Larry’s voice becomes stronger. He says, “Hello my love, we talk every night. You’re okay. It’s everything we thought” (meaning Heaven). When Claudia asks Larry what he wants her to do, he replies, “Helping with the Light, everything gets the Light from God.”

So there you have it. Another spirit, this time someone Josh knew in life, confirming that the Light of God and Heaven not only exists, but this force is what keeps you connected to the people you love.

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