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HOPE Paranormal NEW BOX

In the latest from our spirit-chasing friends at HOPE Paranormal, Josh finally receives his re-modeled spirit box. What was once called the “Wonder Box” has been remastered with a brand new flux capacitor, and late model flux capacitor, to emerge back from the talented Steve Huff, as the “Soul Speaker” (pictured below).

Josh seems eager to experience the upgraded package. God I love science. Spirit-chasers know, that to verify that what you are hearing is truly from the spirit world, run the Spirit Box backwards, in order to make sure your signals are not crossed with an old slip-and-fall lawyer commercial. This reverse feature seems to be working on the new box, and will ultimately make Josh’s box sessions much more undeniable.

Michael is still acting as a guide, not surprising. What is curious, is the appearance of Chris. If this Chris is the same spirit from our prior blog posts, that is great news. Some people unfortunately, it is very easy to feel sorry for. But while empathy is a positive and comforting emotion, at some point, the person has to decide to save themselves. If this is the spirit Chris, who ran into Josh, after walking around an empty world for 30 years, than to see he is willing to help is wonderful. His purgatory was caused from suicide, which is unfortunately at the forefront of modern discussion. Chris’s eagerness to act as a guide for Josh is a brilliant turn in events. At rock bottom, there is a spark that propels you in the opposite direction. Hopefully he sticks around.

If it is a different Chris, then never mind I guess.

More to come!

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