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Please, Don’t Kill Yourself

Very rarely do we editorialize here in the Director’s Post, mainly because lots of people just want politics kept out of whatever form of entertainment they chose to watch. “Buzzkill New Jersey” is not a political film. It is based on a true story, and was written to describe the sometimes tragic nature of living in a place like New Jersey.

Of all the bad news, of all the trends that we do not understand, the uptick in suicide, and the fetishization of it in our current pop-culture, is possibly the most upsetting. Soldiers have been killing themselves at record numbers, 22 per day on average. One would think, that the individuals whom we knowingly send into harm's way, for whatever reason asked by their country, would be the government’s first priority when they got home, since they are probably a different person, after having their innocence surgically removed on a daily basis for however long. Nope, they pretty much have gotten the shaft.

So, not a good start US. The United States has been trying to purge God out of the town square. In fact they have, as evidenced by the pornification of society, with a steady increase in vulgarity on top of that. Does anyone remember the article that said, “People Who Curse More Are Smarter”? “Hooray! That’s me, fuck, shit!”

During the 90’s, society marveled at the leaps we were making in technology. The future was on the horizon. No-one could have predicted the consequences coming around the corner. The internet became the new town square, effectively allowing shut-in behavior, as people could simply communicate using their computer, then their smart phone. As the tech got better, our in-person social skills declined. It is now considered a burden to receive a phone call. Do you see where problems could start?

There is no going back, the internet is not going anywhere. Basically what we are saying is, we know it is tough. No one predicts exactly what will happen in their lives, it usually does not work out how you want it to.

We are not asking you to believe in God, but only to believe that there might a chance for humanity. If you begin to put out positivity, that feeling will come around to you, just ask any recovering alcoholic. By doing good things for others, you are fulfilled, and eventually you will pull yourself up out of the hole you are in. Take a leap of faith that maybe, however tiny a possibility you think it is, that one day you will feel better. You will get better. Things will be better.

Because without that small, unspoken variable that dictates people should be decent and good to each other, guess what happens? People start acting bad. Ugly people, who hide behind internet anonymity, lawyers and talking heads, in order to manipulate and pollute the system.

But please, suicide is not the answer. Our spirit-chasing friends at HOPE Paranormal can verify, if a person ends their life, the result can be purgatory. The person, now dead, is left alone to walk the earth, presumably to come to grips with how and why they would murder themselves. We’ve been told the process can take some time.

The people you leave behind will call a doctor, or a priest, or a rabbi, trying to save your soul. They will then mourn you the rest of their days, blaming themselves, as people are prone to do. If you feel you have no one now, just wait until you are walking the earth “I Am Legend” style, but without the dog.

This writer, on occasion, has made some clairvoyant predictions. As of late, I have been feeling sporadic waves of suicidal thought. Let me first say, that while New Jersey can be a pain in the ass, my life could be a lot worse, and I have no reason to want to checkout now. But still, the feeling floats into my subconscious, like a reminder that suicide is a way out of it all. I can only deduct that dark forces have caught wind of this disturbing trend, which is causing the sentiment to spread, quite easily, in a Godless society. Offing yourself now, will only lead to more darkness.

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