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There has been a lot of recent talk about the HOPE Paranormal Patreon page. Patreon is not a new company. It has established itself for bringing content-creators closer to their audiences. It seems the work Josh is doing has caught the peoples' eye.

The members of the spirit-clique are all different, like people. Some are stand-offish, shy, careful. Who could blame them? There is a reason we morn the dead. There is no longer anything we can do to help these individuals, at least not in a physical sense. This is probably why HOPE Paranormal’s Youtube page has been getting thousands of subscribers. Aiding those who are no longer of the living world, is truly a noble gesture.

It is no secret that Josh has tapped into the Light of God. Through technology, Josh is able to communicate with spirits. Some have crossed-on to Heaven, many have not. And for those, who thought death would be their release from pain, only to find themselves alone on earth, with no-one else. After all the peers milk your memory for their own moment in the spotlight, after your family and loved ones' hearts break slowly the rest of their lives, when all seems lost, there is where you fill find God.

HOPE Paranormal's bravery in a post-modern world, combined with its benevolent goals (not always easy), has led to a following and a movement that should do a lot of good.

According to our friend Michael, who is Josh’s spirit guide (as foretold by this writer), it is none other than Jesus Christ who has been developing portals in order to reach these lost souls. With the help of Josh, BOB, Michael and others, Heaven may get a much-needed population increase.

HOPE Paranormal Patreon Page:

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