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Adam's Final Option

In the latest from HOPE Paranormal, we are reminded of the fact that humans and spirits are essentially the same creatures. Just because someone breaks their mortal coil, that does not mean they change. They still hold the same opinions, biases, and baggage that everyone acquires throughout life. There is a reason we call it baggage, it weighs you down.

Grudges, we all have them. They are a part of the human condition. Competitiveness turns to greed, greed leads to mistakes, mistakes end relationships. If you have not guessed it yet, Josh from HOPE Paranormal has been using Jesus and God as a guide. Having lived through the 90’s (or the peak of civilization as we like to call it here at Buzzkill), we watched half of society shrug-God-off once we got to the 21st century (we all saw "Dogma"). Faith in forever stopped being cool.

Here we are almost 20 years later, and we still argue about the same things. Adam is a spirit-clique member, but one who’s standing in the group was being questioned. Michael and BOB have crossed-over, then come back, in order to guide souls trapped on earth to the promise land, (I know we are sounding a bit preachy). Adam was Josh’s friend in life, and because of this relationship, which apparently was not without its disagreements, Josh invited Adam, who was murdered in 2011, to join these sessions.

Unfortunately, like in life, if you do not work to better yourself, you will not get better. Yada yada yada, Michael told Josh that Adam would have to cross-over, in order to continue working with them. He was not bringing positive vibes to the table, since he was harboring some darkness inside him. Darkness he would have to let go of, to get to the Light.

This was not going to be an easy convo. Anyone who has a friend with a significant philosophical difference knows, you argue about it, on and on, forever. Neither party wants to admit they are wrong. Josh would have to put his foot down. He would have to give Adam his full attention.

The HOPE Videos are sped up to avoid the more mundane parts of the session, but it was clear that by the end, Josh was emotionally spent. It certainly sounded like Adam described climbing up a bedsheet, and that may have been his personal journey to Heaven. Michael the spirit-guide told Josh that he led Adam to the Light and that it was beautiful.

In this session, the spirits again made reference to Heaven being what we see when we look at the stars. That they are Heaven’s light, shining brightly through the darkened sky. Since many of these HOPE sessions take place a night, the stars are exactly where the spirits are told to go. Good for Adam if he was able to get there.

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