BKNJ Review: Maniac

September 22, 2018

Just as our collective sub-conscious was starting to itch badly for another Netflix Original, “Maniac” dropped, after little more than some leaked marketing and word-of-mouth hype.


Do not worry, there are no spoilers.  Mainly because leaking the plot and over-all message of the series would be next to impossible.  There is a lot going on. 


Jonah Hill has developed a reputation for taking serious steps to broaden his range as a actor.  He is also executive producer.  The type of creative tenacity he has adopted, can be seen in every single aspect the production.  


Maniac is long, at times frustrating and deals with many character-defects that drive the people around those afflicted, nuts.  Still, the story is incredibly interesting, captivating and at times hilarious.  Both Stone and Hill deliver convincing performances.  Justin Theroux and Sally Field are icing on the cake.


Overall - Must Watch (Like yesterday)




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