BKNJ Review: Bird Box

January 2, 2019

Happy New Year!  If your friends are as dark and weird as ours here at Buzzkill, you celebrated the end of this heavy last year by watching Bird Box. 


Slight spoilers ahead.


Netflix’s Network Originals all seem to have certain things in common.  The cinematography will be flawless and detailed, the SPFX will be realistic and subtle and the story-teller will have their plot delivered straight to your face.  In the case of Bird Box, that story is a terrifying, walking hellish nightmare. 



Sandra Bollock is pretty perfect as the standard new wave feminist.  Perhaps recently jaded due to a pregnancy and no significant other, she is coming to terms with a new child who she does not seem thrilled to have.   Then all of a sudden, the sh*t hits the fan. 



Love a good cameo.  Loved his story-arc.  Tell your agent to call me. 


Special Effects Crew 

While we tend to focus on characters in the MVPs, the malevolent force in Bird Box is especially demonic and frightening.  Its presence is always felt. 


Overall: Must Watch 





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