BKNJ Review: Stranger Things 3

July 8, 2019

Despite our issues with some of the direction Netflix has taken, the bright spot remains to be its original content.  These motion pictures come in different forms, and they all deliver with production value, solid plot lines and attention to detail.  (Remember Bird Box?)


Of all these great works, Stranger Things is on a level all its own.  Weird, scary, funny, sad, happy, the series leads viewers on the emotional adventure of a lifetime.  Each season seems to get better than the last, which means Stranger Things 3 just might be the best thing ever. 


MVPs  (Minor Spoilers)


Dustin - The unofficial leader of the kids’ group, Dustin seems to have matured into an invaluable asset to the team.  Meeting the right girl can do that for you. 


Steve Harrington - Totally not over Nancy Wheeler, but that’s okay, we get it.  Talk about well-adjusted.  Harrington is missing some of the cockiness that made us like him the first place, but his loyalty to his friends comes in very handy.  Steve’s the type of guy who shows up when you need him. 


El - Speaking of great people to have on your team, Eleven is selfless and devoted, despite insurmountable odds and a messed-up childhood.  


Murray - Besides his obvious value in being able to translate Russian, he personally helps the group cross the finish line.  He also is good for stating the obvious, as everyone in this town seems a little uptight when it comes to expressing their feelings. 


Hopper - No comment.


Billy - No comment. 


Mike Wheeler’s Mom - Still hot. 


Overall: Must Watch (Should be number 1 on your to-do list.)





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