HOPE Paranormal

August 17, 2019

The main reason HOPE Paranormal is the only group of spirit-chasers we cover here at Buzzkill, is because they are legit. 


But how do you know?


Well, I’ll break the fourth wall for a sec, and say that I knew Josh before he was a spirit-chaser.  We shared the common kinship of growing-up in the northeast and living in Florida, and there is one thing about Josh that I know above all else.  He is not a liar.  Never, have I known Josh to be anything but humble, despite legitimate success in business, then later in filmmaking.  


Josh began doing spirit-chasing right around the time I moved back to New Jersey (I guess he missed me).  Josh spoke of his initial experience in communication with the spirit world, with the same amazement as any person who learns the truth in our modern secular society.  Believing Josh to be a real talker, I instantly believed that what he was saying was possible. 


From there, Josh has taken the attributes he has learned from being in the cutthroat business and film industry, and grown his channel with the same drive and passion that most artists and professionals have for their craft. 


Josh’s collaboration with Steve Huff means Huff Paranormal is operating in the same genuinely faithful vein as Hope, despite tons of hate, negative spiritual attacks and general sh*t-talking. 


We started the HOPE Paranormal category in order to give one more outlet to the amazing things Josh has uncovered from the spirit world.  Our world.  Know that Josh is faithfully doing the Lord’s work: guiding spirits and lost souls to the graceful Light of Heaven, and his work should absolutely be paid attention to and celebrated. 


There will be haters and skeptics for every cause, person and organization.  Just spend a few moments on Twitter.  Will strive to add more HOPE Paranormal summaries and reviews in the coming weeks!




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