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BKNJ Review: I Am Not Okay With This

While this author has never read the comic book that “I Am Not Okay With This” is based on, its motion picture representation was very solid all around. One could conclude that a bunch of interesting details from the comic were probably sacrificed to create the series, but there is still a bunch to unpack.


Sophia Lillis as “Sydney Novak” is an excellent cast, even with the hair color being slightly off from the comic. Her ability to manifest the budding force inside of her and sell it to the audience is why this plot is so easily digestible and therefore enjoyable.

The entire series is pretty dark, but not overly serious. While Sydney remains angsty, both she and the audience are given a reprieve from her internal struggle thanks to her friends Dina and Stanley Barber. The friendship dynamic between these characters helps to distract from what seems like an inevitable transformation.

The series ends leaving the viewer wanting more, having just had their minds blown in the gymnasium.

Overall - Must Watch

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