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BKNJ Review – “Wednesday” (Series)

It has been a while since we have written a motion picture review. Netflix has been raising prices while removing gems like “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “The Office,” leading many to consider dropping the streaming platform altogether. But, just as customers have again reached their breaking point, between the endless garbage and woke, preachy content, a new Netflix Original masterpiece comes along to keep us on the hook for another few months.

Usually we do dislikes first, but besides a few annoying progressive tropes that were shoehorned into the plotline, there are not any that come to mind.


“Wednesday” is a series that focuses primarily on the daughter of the Addams family. She is forced to go to a boarding school called Nevermore, which is home to outcasts. Outcasts have their own cliques based on the type of characters they are (Lycans (werewolves), psychics, gorgons (like Medusa, they have snakes for hair and can temporarily turn people to stone), sirens (mermaids), and of course, vampires). There is one more, but we will let you watch to find out what that is.

While the filmmakers obviously used these differences as an excuse to push diversity as a cure for all the evils in the world, it doesn’t derail the plot so, whatever. Moving on.

Wednesday is obviously not a “normie,” which is how the outcasts refer to regular people without mythical abilities, but she does not exactly fit in with the rest of the students. It is not clear exactly what type of family the Addams are, but the series gives them an ancestral backstory that fully engulfs our protagonist right in the middle of what is going on at Nevermore Academy.

While the rest of the Addams family does make appearances throughout the story, they are side characters. Wednesday is adamant about separating herself from the legacy of her mother Morticia, who was also a student at Nevermore along with her father, Gomez.

It is safe to say that this series is another Netflix grand slam of “Stranger Things” proportions. Tim Burton’s influence is greatly felt. We won’t spoil the plot any more for the sake of those who have yet to watch.


Wednesday – Jenna Ortega is brilliant in her portrayal of the dark, intriguing teenager. It was reported that Ortega was a huge fan of the Christina Ricci portrayal in the Addams Family movies from the 90s. She does a fabulous job of capturing the mystique and delivery of Ricci’s “Wednesday” while making the character her own. This writer was not only surprised that Ortega was able to be as good if not better than the Ricci version, but also loved the vulnerability that this Wednesday had dragged out of her kicking and screaming.

Enid – Played by Emma Myers, this character was a perfect counterbalance to the lead. The chemistry between these two characters was magnetic.

Thing – If you don’t already know, Thing is a hand who communicates with sign language and walks on its fingers. Thing is a big part of the series and possibly one of the best sidekicks ever.

Overall: Must Watch

*Snap Snap*

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