Motion Picture Review: Escape Room

For anyone new to the game, we only review the films we love. That being said, we do dislikes first…

The film is formulaic in nature, so having the characters be a bit obvious is expected. This doesn’t take away from the experience, and to avoid spoilers we’ll just stop there.

The music execution was pretty good. Wish there was more of it. Still, filmmaking is hard enough without providing a soundtrack and the style in Escape Room is on point.

MVPs (slight spoilers)

Amanda Harper - Be still my heart. Loved her from start, right until actress Deborah Ann Wolf probably said to her agent, “Get me the hell out of this movie.”

Zoey Davis - Say what you want about her character being too touchy-feely and emotional, Zoey is bringing us a sequel.

Overall - Must See. Maybe schedule a fun escape room day with your friends for right afterwards.

UPDATE: It looks like we will be getting a sequel! Trailer is out for "Escape Room: Tournament of Champions"

It looks dope.

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