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New and Forever News!

Here at Buzzkill, we are painfully aware of how long our movies take to make.

With New and Forever, the more you know about the plot, the less you’ll appreciate the movie. We’ve released the log line obviously, but the story of New and Forever goes much deeper.

NAF was written as a seven part series, complete with a whole roster of extra characters and side-plots. Unfortunately things like that cost money. It is unknown if Joe Vrola Projects will turn New and Forever into a series, but the movie is certainly dope.

The truth is, JVP has already begin pre-production on a secret new series. The limited sample size given access to the new concept has responded with more interest than Buzzkill. Therefore, it is safe to say, if you enjoyed buzzkill, you’ll like…

The title for the secret series will be released with New and Forever, so get psyched about that!


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