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Jack is the smooth talking host of the annual summer kick-off party in Belmar. Jack is going hard, and is on course to setting the stage for the party of the year! What he isn't counting on is the party crasher only nightmares could dream up. Could his push to the edge have gone too far to turn back? 


Diana is Pat & Jack's best friend. Diana is their pretty, feminine counterpart and she keeps the party moving in the right direction. While she is queen of the castle that is this legendary annual punk riot party, this year she might be walking into a worm hole to a universe where the things that freak kids out at night, are the new normal. 


Pat is Jack's best friend. He is the more responsible of the two. Having just started a new job, Pat is looking forward to this party getting crazy so that he can really enjoy the beginning of his best summer to date! Will tonight be the best night of Pat's life, or the last of Pat's life? Or will it be the first night of a miserable eternity? 


Jen is Diana's equally beautiful sister. Jen is the more introverted and thoughtful of the two. She is interesting and her personality is enchanting once she lets you in.  But will her open-mindedness be enough to keep her sanity when shit gets weird? 


Nick is the plug. He provides the party supplies they don't sell at the store.

He is a successful businessman who specializes in the low-brow market. But his unsavory associations may have made Nick stumble across the flavor of the week that all the kids are trying, whether they like it or not. 


“A great script.  The scariest movie concept since "Knocked Up".''

F. Pupants / Writer

“I personally was offended.  I think Joe Vrola is unfairly casting devil worshipers in a dark light."

Lucy F. / Devil Worshiper

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