The Clappers

After popular demand, we found more on Marie Clapper. Marie Clapper is mostly known for being the first victim of the Jersey Devil. The Jersey Devil preyed mostly on those who had certain vulnerabilities. Everyone is born with a little darkness in them. That being said, Marie Clapper has a sordid history and we are not quite sure if she ever had much good in her to begin with. She was extremely beautiful. Men who encountered her were easily manipulated. Who could say no to such a pretty face? As we delved into the history of Marie Clapper we went straight for the parents. Yes, it is a rush to condemn, but if your only true responsibility to humanity is a nut-bar, it is worth a thorough

Jersey Devil: Origins

The Jersey Devil appears differently according to the religious sect discussing his existence. In Christianity, the archangel Michael is most famously known for defeating the Devil. After the Lucifer’s banishment to Hell, he began sending emissaries to Earth in order to maintain influence. Around the time of the forming of the United States, Lucifer sent a demon named Ki Numore to what is now Southern New Jersey. Because of Ki Numore’s strange appearance (a mixture of a goat, man and bird) along with his horn-looking antlers, witnesses began calling him “The Jersey Devil.” He could change form which meant he could walk among the people. Like Lucifer, Ki Numore was a skillful manipulator,

Every Day is Halloween

There is one Halloween night that I would like to relive forever. For more about that night, check out the “New Jersey Jesus” story. American cinema, television and culture has begun a new fascination with eternity. This could be in response to the societal shift away from classical civic virtue, and towards progressive modernism. Sexuality, lust, and envy are sins born from mankind. Weather they want to admit it to themselves or not, the people that have embraced this collective fall from grace have started to get older, and as their own mortality becomes more apparent, the question of forever can no longer be ignored. Books, film and television sometimes depict horrible scenarios. Most

BKNJ Review: American Horror Story - Hotel

AHS “Hotel” was on the top tier, along with “Murder House”, “Freak Show”, “Coven” and basically every one beside “Asylum”. After “Asylum” which was good, but too dark and hopeless for a depression society, the producers realized that pop sells. They turned back to the characters and storyline, stopped trying to scare so much and added more attractive women. Bravo. Lady GaGa, I never knew I was in love with you. I like some LGG songs too. Youngsters, she’s like, naked a lot. Lady GaGa is pretty reserved for a pop-star, but she was in full force in AHS Hotel. She delivers from every angle. The recurring cast does not disappoint. Kathy Bates is awesome in these. When I saw that Wes Bent

Ghost Stories: The Essex and Sussex Hotel

The northern part of the Jersey coast is quite the location. The beach is large and well kept (better be since you have to pay to go on it in the summer). Spring Lake, NJ consists of many beautiful homes. Along the water has some monster-houses, but most are very classy. By far the biggest structure in the area is the Essex and Sussex Hotel. The Essex and Sussex is the located on the water and is almost the size of a city block. It looks like a mix between an enormous beach house and a large government building. The town of Spring Lake has some very impressive houses along the water, but the Essex and Sussex seems larger than life. As a young kid, I remember passing by the building and

Movie Review: The Uninvited

(No Spoilers) Netflix has some very solid horror recommendations. The Uninvited was a cinematically beautiful film. The location was incredible with the water and the beautiful boathouse. The main character “Anna” had a great look. Her soft features and overall innocence provided a great vehicle to experience the story with. The older sister “Alex” pulled off the “bitchy-hot” look flawlessly. The fact that she was in a bathing suit throughout most of the movie was appreciated. The two sisters had a great chemistry. The bond between sisters that are close in age is probably the most consistent relationship that exists. They know each other so well that there is no need to put up any w

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