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Jersey Devil: Origins

The Jersey Devil appears differently according to the religious sect discussing his existence.

In Christianity, the archangel Michael is most famously known for defeating the Devil. After the Lucifer’s banishment to Hell, he began sending emissaries to Earth in order to maintain influence.

Around the time of the forming of the United States, Lucifer sent a demon named Ki Numore to what is now Southern New Jersey. Because of Ki Numore’s strange appearance (a mixture of a goat, man and bird) along with his horn-looking antlers, witnesses began calling him “The Jersey Devil.”

He could change form which meant he could walk among the people. Like Lucifer, Ki Numore was a skillful manipulator, and was known to corrupt people by getting to know them, then using their weaknesses against them. If his true identity was discovered, he would turn back into a monster, then usually disappear.

We spoke with a witness who described meeting the “Jersey Devil.” He was an investment banker and said he was constantly being approached with “less than savory” business investments. One day, a very pleasant man came to his office and spoke to him about a business proposal that would largely benefit the local community. He said the man seemed knowledgeable and interested in his business and pitched him an idea for a community center that would generate profits while also being open for local youth, community needs, etc.

“The idea seemed too good to be true,” the businessman said. The man left him with all the details, including permits from the city and an extensive business plan. The investor poured over the plans looking for a catch or gimmick, but everything seemed to add up.

“The only thing that struck me as odd was the construction cost, and how low it was,” the witness said, “The company involved in the business model I had never heard of.” He called around to peers and no-one could give him any information on the company.

“There was no Google back then,” the man told us. He scheduled a follow-up meeting. The pleasant man invited our witness to the site of the future center. When the investment banker asked about the construction company, the man had a very detailed answer along with a brochure detailing all the information about the company.

“I was sold on the project, and it would have been a home-run commission,” our witness admitted. As they were concluding their meeting, a woman with disheveled clothing and hair ran over to them. She walked up to our witness.

“She walked right up to me and said, “Do you know who that is?” I said, “Excuse me?” and she pointed at him and said, “That’s the Jersey Devil!”

“At soon as she said the word “devil,” the man turned into a monster. The monster’s eyes grew large and it disappeared into smoke.”

“You’re welcome.” the woman huffed as she walked away.

“I held onto that story for years, until finally a similar story to mine came out. I honestly wasn’t sure if I had temporarily lost my mind or hallucinated what I saw. When I saw the drawing the other witness drew, I knew there had to be a connection.” (Picture Below)

The man said he eventually looked up the company that was in the brochure and found it was tied to some very dark and shady organizations. Because these organizations still exist, our witness would not tell us their names.

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