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Investigating the Jersey Devil

As far as local monsters go, the Jersey Devil is one of the most well-known. This means it gets blamed for a lot of the stranger assurances in south Jersey.

S.E. the clairvoyant, in the last year she was seen alive, began picking up on some specific negative energy. While she would not come out and say she believed it was the Jersey Devil, she also did not deny the monster was a probable suspect.

It is for this reason that some believe she was targeted by the creature. The last anyone saw of her, she was going down to south Jersey to aid with a girl who believed her sister had become possessed.

The sister became worried that her younger sister was cold and distant after a near death experience in which her car caught on fire on the side of the road. The younger sister was found sitting about a hundred feet from the car. She claimed that she had hit a deer and that the car then caught on fire.

The problem was that there was no deer to be found. There were no skid marks leading to the location. Since there were no other victims in the accident the incident was basically ignored.

The girl’s older sister said that her mood change issues had started the day of the event, and that it was a 180 degree turn in personality. S.E. most likely believed that the Jersey Devil was somehow involved.

This was the last anyone saw of S.E. the clairvoyant. Both sisters disappeared as well.

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