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The Blob

The Blob story is shocking in its tragedy. It supposedly takes place close to the University of Delaware. Solid school, solid parties, solid chicks. Check. Check. Check. Except for the year of the Blob.

During the late 60’s - early 70’s there was a large influx of psychedelic drug-usage. This concentration was part of the “Free Love” movement (the hippies). LSD or acid was a lot more popular than today. The people would trip in order to alter their mind and experience reality a different way. Since the users were ultimately peaceful, the movement was relatively benign.

Every group has their devils, and wouldn’t ya know it, someone at the university brought around some bad shit. The rumor was that the LSD was cut with some opioid-like substance. The trips were positive and up-lifting. The product was stamped on to little pieces of paper. Its dark green color and lack of shape led to the nickname “the Blob”. The supplier of the substance was a mystery. A couple male students peddled it but they were not the source. It takes a pretty dark entity to try so make a psychedelic drug addictive.

The local law enforcement tracked down the the man that was creating the Blob. Turns out it was a resident creep who was hoping to gain a following by getting the local college students hooked on the blob and having them eventually search him out. Pretty fucking weird if you ask me.

Anyway, the Blob had a side-effect on female users especially. The person would either become a compulsive eater or lose the will to eat completely. The process was rather extraordinary. Some girls would be healthy and athletic and then waste away to nothing. Some would just eat and eat and eat. Both groups were either unaware or did not care about the effects on their bodies.

Rather sadly, even after the local scumbag was discovered and the Blob was banished, the effect remained on the girls. The ones who wasted away would end up in the hospital and usually not be seen again. The eaters remained tormented by the compulsion for years to come.

**References to the idea that “the Blob” name was created to describe the way the girls looked after eating continuously for six months are disgusting and do not reflect the accurate timeline. It was just an unfortunate coincidence.

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