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New and Forever

The latest motion picture from Joe Vrola Projects packs a large amount of star power.

"The casting process is one of the most important steps after developing an interesting screenplay."

Returning to the team is Emmy award-winning actor, Yuval David of "What Would You Do?" and "Madam Secretary."

In New and Forever, David plays the mysterious "John Matterhorn," former member and defector of the Last Right.

Joe Vrola and Chappell Bunch play the newlyweds, "Mike and Lauren Murphy." Their on-screen chemistry is incredible.

Playing Mike's best friend "Matt" is, award-winning actor Dan Gregory. Gregory is also slated to star in the newest project from JVP. Watch NAF to get a look at a sneak peek of the trailer.

Check out New and Forever on IMDb for the full cast list!


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