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Buzzkill Trivia - Missing

Kristina Delisa was one of the girls abducted in the days before Jack’s party. Delisa and Jack Cuomo have reportedly never met, but are very similar. Beyond their complexions and hair-color, they are both introverted to some extent. However, once you engage either of these two, they can be very charming. It is this coy game that attracts the talkative ones, perhaps envious of the confidence to simply say nothing. While Jack’s main motivation is that he is a guy, Kristina is colder in that regard.

Kristina Delisa is really pretty, but an unfortunate adolescence left her with confidence issues. She would look for acknowledgment that a guy was head over heals for her, then suddenly, she would lose interest. Perhaps something about the individual would start to gnaw at her. (Jack Cuomo is always good for a superficial excuse, which is why Pat calls him Jerry Seinfeld.) Then along comes Jeff. Apparently Jeff was a transfer to Kristina’s high school, and quite the pretty boy.

So Kristina’s friends and family got the back-burner. She was over the moon for Jeff, who nobody knew anything about. One of Delisa’s male friends went to looking for her after he saw Kristina leave a party with Jeff. It was behind the old Tommy Hilfiger outlets, where her friend found the pentagram next to Kristina’s Louis Vuitton bag. The police went to Jeff’s house and interviewed his mother, who claimed that her son was also missing. She also told police that Jeff had been acting strange ever since they moved to Manasquan. She claimed he was “disconnected” and “without emotion”.

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