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New and Forever News

By now hopefully you have seen the first film from Joe Vrola Projects. “Buzzkill New Jersey” was the winner of the 2019 New Jersey Horror Con Film Festival, winning the coveted Fangoria Magazine Special Prize Award!

In the latest film, “New and Forever” Vrola Projects is taking production in a new direction. It is being billed as a “psychological thriller,” and follows a newlywed couple who begin experiencing paranormal problems after the wife “Lauren Murphy,” (played by Chappell Bunch) is kidnapped on their honeymoon. “Mike Murphy” her husband (played by Joe Vrola) is determined to fix this onset of evil behavior, by seeking out the help of former TLR member, “John Matterhorn” (played by Yuval David) and private investigator “Kathryn Bosstone” (played by Kat Wilk).

To learn what TLR is, explore some earlier articles in the Director’s Post. Keep checking in to find out the release date, and be first to see the trailer when it comes out!

Thank you again for all the support given to our first project, “Buzzkill New Jersey.” We promise not to keep you waiting too long for NAF.


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