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Within the Buzzkill Universe, there exists a strangeness. Certain things happen that cannot be explained. One of the more under-reported problems is kidnapping. Several young females have been taken. 95 percent of the time, they do not come back.

Ashley Robinson was close friends with Savannah (Jack Cuomo’s ex). They were best friends, but also extremely competitive. Both played soccer in high school, (their team was state champs). Minus a couple arguments over boys, they managed to stay friends through all of it.

While Ashley was known for having a long-standing on-and-off relationship with Mike Maloney, she was also pretty close friends with Jack. They were the kind of friends who did bad things together (mostly pharmaceuticals). While these two remained platonic, their kinship concerning the party lifestyle always rubbed Savannah the wrong way.

Ashley went missing a week or so after they graduated college. Savannah was convinced she had been taken, citing that the two had plans to hang out the day after she disappeared. Her search was called off after three months. Ashley’s mother believed she had met a boy and run away. Her situation bares an eerie resemblance to that of Kristina Delisa (check out the Featured Post: "Missing").

(Ashley Robinson)

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