Less Than Jake

Anyone who knows me personally knows my favorite band of all time is Less Than Jake. They came into my life in the 6th grade and replaced Third Eye Blind (Stephan Jenkins is still a musical god). The first album I discovered was "Losing Streak", and for a budding LTJ fan, it was life-changing. Two minutes, thirty second of glory at a time, perfect for a teenaged attention-span. I played trumpet in the school band when I was in grade school. I truly believe it altered my experience with music. First off, I found out how hard playing a musical instrument actually is. I appreciate when I see a band play live. Not trying to be an old-timey hater, but it is a lot more impressive than going

Jersey Shore Destination Highlights

New Jersey is a small state that is packed with culture. Many people think of New Jersey as the opening credits from the Sopranos, with endless traffic-filled highways that lead from factory to factory. If you travel a few miles south of the Newark Airport, you will find NJ is quite a beautiful place. Every square mile can be a mix of all different types of scenery. There are mountains, lakes, farms, gardens (the Garden State), and woods. New York City to the north, Philly to the south, but it’s what is to the east that makes New Jersey a cut-above. New Jersey has “the beach” aka “The Jersey Shore”. Looking out on the Atlantic Ocean are large well-kept beaches. It is often incredible

Curt Schilling Breitbart Interview Commentary

Curt Schilling baseball great (I’m a Yankee fan but I like him personally) was being interviewed about being fired from ESPN. To me, it sounded like someone finally getting to vent to a huge audience about a company that most likely would have driven me bat-shit crazy and for that I say oh Yes! Good for you Mr. Schilling. ESPN looks like a big winy college-zombie that is so self-involved they want you to evolve to their liking. Highlight point: These people who have an agenda different than us seem to care about it more than we do (paraphrasing). Which is so true because we’re busy trying to do something with our f***ing lives. Stephen K. Bannon also ended the interview saying he would like

Harry R.I.P.

Addiction eventually touches everyone. I understand the stigma given to drugs and why our parents and teachers were telling us how horrible they were when we were growing up. Unfortunately, when someone continuously tells you not to do something when you’re a young know-it-all kid, it peaks your curiosity. You certainly can’t tell children the truth about drugs; that they feel awesome and can take away all the pain associated with life’s misfortunes. That would be counter-productive right? Movies and television do a great job of glorifying the occasional drug-user. The fast-moving businessman who makes tons of money and knows how to party. How many times have you seen this guy? Many movies

Diana & Jen

Diana and Jen DeMeo are sisters. In fact, there are four sisters. That seemed to be the magic number in the town we grew up in. You were guaranteed at least 2 solidly hot sisters, maybe a swing vote depending on puberty and then a complete wild-card. The DeMeo sisters were all hot in their own way. And it was pretty unanimous around the male population. So not only were they all unanimously attractive Italian sisters, they came from Staten Island. They even had the accent. The guys were very accepting, but also intimidated by them. Girls on the other-hand, were threatened by them. I’ll use one more sentence to hammer home that they were all very attractive. And there is nothing a 7 hates


The thing that makes the horror genre different than most movies is the usually the lack of a happy ending. In films like Scream (which for my fellow 80’s babies, was the absolute shit), there was a resolution at the end where, although plagued with loss and horror, you felt that the few characters that were lucky enough to survive would soldier on. There is something about watching people go through situations nightmarish worse than your own that provides perspective. It makes you look more kindly on your own story. Where a film like Scream differs from many horror movies is the character development and the audiences’ attachment to those characters. “Scream 2” sacrificing Jaime Kenny’s “

Summer is Coming

After yet another cold and miserable winter, the Jersey Shore is beginning to come alive again as Spring emerges out of the darkness. You can feel the energy of summer coming. Enjoy it now locals, the shit-heads will be here soon enough to drive excruciatingly slow while they look for a parking spot.

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