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The thing that makes the horror genre different than most movies is the usually the lack of a happy ending. In films like Scream (which for my fellow 80’s babies, was the absolute shit), there was a resolution at the end where, although plagued with loss and horror, you felt that the few characters that were lucky enough to survive would soldier on.

There is something about watching people go through situations nightmarish worse than your own that provides perspective. It makes you look more kindly on your own story. Where a film like Scream differs from many horror movies is the character development and the audiences’ attachment to those characters. “Scream 2” sacrificing Jaime Kenny’s “Randy” really brought it home. Randy’s death was on par with Sidney Prescott as far as not wanting him to get offed, but you can only take the geek so far. (Don’t worry Randy, life after College sucks anyway.)

What I hope to do is introduce you to the characters of Buzzkill New Jersey and help you get to know them. They are a genuine mix of the people I’ve known and been friends with over the years. Some are a mixture of a couple different people. Many characters are a tribute to some of my favorite people from growing up in New Jersey. The main character Jack, is largely based off of myself (though I've accentuated my shortcomings). Since I’m a very private person you’ll have to draw your own conclusions of him. Stay tuned for more character bios coming up!

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