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Diana & Jen

Diana and Jen DeMeo are sisters. In fact, there are four sisters. That seemed to be the magic number in the town we grew up in. You were guaranteed at least 2 solidly hot sisters, maybe a swing vote depending on puberty and then a complete wild-card. The DeMeo sisters were all hot in their own way. And it was pretty unanimous around the male population.

So not only were they all unanimously attractive Italian sisters, they came from Staten Island. They even had the accent. The guys were very accepting, but also intimidated by them. Girls on the other-hand, were threatened by them. I’ll use one more sentence to hammer home that they were all very attractive. And there is nothing a 7 hates more than when a 9 moves in across the street.

From the beginning, the DeMeo sisters were their own group. Jerry and Dennis lived nearby in the neighborhood. Jerry and Dennis were best friends since they were kids. Dennis always marched to his own drummer and Jerry was slightly insane. They loved surfing, dirt bikes, quads, bmx and all of that. The DeMeos were also fond of those things. The group was formed. Adding the hot chicks made it a pretty solid click. Jen and Dennis seemed to really click as well.

But the DeMeo sisters were in pretty high-demand. These kids all lived dangerously close to Freehold Boro. If you don’t know why that’s bad, count your blessings. So Jen got scooped up by an alfa-plus Italian personality and entered into one of the longest, “why is she with that guy?” relationships I’ve ever encountered. Diana stayed relatively independent and rarely settled down with anyone for too long. Both girls always commanded attention.

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