Marie Clapper/“PA Kate” Continued

It is strange when you run into someone you just met a week or so later. Both going along two different paths that coincidentally cross again very quickly. Makes you almost think fate is trying to show you something about this person. At least that is how the photographer felt when he saw me walk into a random diner in New Jersey. I found the photographer’s story compelling, so I was psyched to see that he was happy to see me. “I honestly didn’t think about it, I had told the story before,” he started, “but then, there it was.” Out of his coat pocket was a small framed photograph of “Kate”, the second PA from Bart Andrews’ crew. He carefully handed it to me. “I don’t tell many people abo

BKNJ Review: Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix Original Series)

Let us first point out that Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother), might just be the best character in sitcom history. If only the HIMYM writers didn’t soften him up so much by the end. I maintain that the ruthless sociopath side of Barney Stinson was what the audience liked. Liberal writers think they are creating a character to laugh at, and they end up being a fan-favorite. Think “Ron Swanson” (Parks and Rec), “Jack Donaghy” (30 Rock) and “Archie Bunker” (All in the Family). Pardon my digression, on to the review. Netflix Original Series are solid, and Neil Patrick Harris was plays Count Olaf. NPH is really good which is not surprising. The opening musical number at first seems lik

Jersey Devil Kidnapping

One of the most distinguishing things about the Jersey Devil is the sign it makes when it comes around. The sign is a pentagram. (There is a documented example in the picture below.) Toms River, New Jersey is located in the northern part of South Jersey. Legend has it, sometime in the mid-80s, a female senior at Toms River North High School was abducted while hanging out with a group of kids in the woods. It was a group of male and female students who would occasionally leave school early on Fridays to drink beer in the woods. Apparently the group was walking back to the main road when the last girl in line disappeared. The group looked for their friend and instead found the pentagram de

Friday the 13th

To those who are superstitious, Friday the 13th could be a day of misfortune or worse. Some believe the day is cursed. There is a general unease because our culture tells us Friday the 13th is when all the bad shit goes down. Where does superstition come from? Some may argue a lack of knowing, or control. Ultimately it is a lack of faith. When you don’t have a side to fight for, you won’t have anything to watch your back. The only thing that scares darkness is light. Here at Buzzkill New Jersey, we are comfortable in the darkness (it’s a Jersey thing) but there is no denial that we work for the light. Happy Friday the 13th!

BKNJ Movie Review: Serendipity

I know, I know, what a pussy. But Kate Beckinsale, plus Serendipity is a pretty great movie. Serendipity definition: (n) a fortunate accident This film is about a chance encounter between Johnathan Trager played by John Cusack, nice, and Sara Thomas played by Kate Beckinsale (again she is so pretty and charming with her British accent, it makes me want to punch the wall). The plot is clever and very cute. It is almost nauseating on the re-watch, but a great rom-com is usually pretty nauseating to me after the first punch so I’ll take that as a character defect on my part. Jeremy Piven plays John’s friend Dean Kansky, and acts in true bro fashion; thinks it is stupid at first (these types o

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