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Jersey Devil Kidnapping

One of the most distinguishing things about the Jersey Devil is the sign it makes when it comes around.

The sign is a pentagram. (There is a documented example in the picture below.)

Toms River, New Jersey is located in the northern part of South Jersey. Legend has it, sometime in the mid-80s, a female senior at Toms River North High School was abducted while hanging out with a group of kids in the woods.

It was a group of male and female students who would occasionally leave school early on Fridays to drink beer in the woods. Apparently the group was walking back to the main road when the last girl in line disappeared. The group looked for their friend and instead found the pentagram design burned into the ground.

A search party was called and all of Toms River was covered. The girl was never heard from again.

Some locals feared that an unscrupulous character created the symbol in order to throw the public off his trail. The problem was, because of the pentagram’s location, the group would have seen it when they first walked into the woods. It would have been very difficult for a human to kidnap a young girl and burn the image into the ground so quickly.

Take a look at a news paper from the first Jersey Devil abduction victim, Marie Clapper:

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