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Marie Clapper/“PA Kate” Continued

It is strange when you run into someone you just met a week or so later. Both going along two different paths that coincidentally cross again very quickly. Makes you almost think fate is trying to show you something about this person.

At least that is how the photographer felt when he saw me walk into a random diner in New Jersey. I found the photographer’s story compelling, so I was psyched to see that he was happy to see me.

“I honestly didn’t think about it, I had told the story before,” he started, “but then, there it was.”

Out of his coat pocket was a small framed photograph of “Kate”, the second PA from Bart Andrews’ crew. He carefully handed it to me.

“I don’t tell many people about this,” the man started, “at the end of the day it does more harm than good.”

The photographer revealed that he had had a slight infatuation with “Kate” the PA. He would not confirm any of my 9 subsequent questions about the extent of their relationship, but simply stated that she was one of the most attractive people he had ever seen. He described “Kate"'s personality differently than Marie Clapper’s, but sociopaths can mimic different personality characteristics. “Kate” and the photographer were around the same age at the time. The two would flirt a lot, but “Kate” was normally very shy and quiet. The photographer had nothing bad thing to say about her.

“The weird thing always was this picture,” he said, “I don’t know how many times I’ve been convinced that I had lost that picture. It would disappear during a move or randomly, sometimes for years and then return somehow. A few times my wife has found it and that is not fun.”

It was at this point, where I wished I was wearing gloves. I handed the picture back to the photographer, and he was nice enough to let me have a copy to share. The photographer told his wife the whole story and she now believes that it is the ghost of the young girl “Kate”, and that the spirit does not want him to forget about her.

Another theory is that it could be Marie Clapper, messing with this guy for taking her picture.

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