The Bellaire House w/ Steve Huff

“The app feeds sounds from a bank, through the box that provides reverb. The spirits then manipulate those sounds to form messages.” - Josh on the spirit-box. In the latest from HOPE Paranormal, a group of people travel to Ohio to the Bellaire House. The house supposedly started becoming a conduit for paranormal activity, after one if its early tenants sought to communicate with his recently deceased sister. Interesting to note, is how these spooky haunted houses are formed. Once the outside world gives up on the structure, what is left inside is the decor of the time-period. This is where classical “haunted-house” attractions like Disney’s Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror get their

Buzzkill Trivia - Missing

Kristina Delisa was one of the girls abducted in the days before Jack’s party. Delisa and Jack Cuomo have reportedly never met, but are very similar. Beyond their complexions and hair-color, they are both introverted to some extent. However, once you engage either of these two, they can be very charming. It is this coy game that attracts the talkative ones, perhaps envious of the confidence to simply say nothing. While Jack’s main motivation is that he is a guy, Kristina is colder in that regard. Kristina Delisa is really pretty, but an unfortunate adolescence left her with confidence issues. She would look for acknowledgment that a guy was head over heals for her, then suddenly, she w

HOPE Paranormal and Stephen Hawking

Here at Buzzkill, we are well-aware of just how strange these spirit-box sessions are. Josh is communicating with ghosts in real time, and ghosts are kinda weirdos. In their defense, they have no body, so no vocal chords, which makes talking a real chore. This means the message must be condensed. In this latest episode, Josh puts feelers out for the recently deceased Stephen Hawking. He ends up speaking with a spirit, who identified itself as “Stephen Hawking”. See what I mean, kinda weird right? Hawking was a man of science, and an under-reported side-effect of being a man of science, is a distancing from God. Hawking was a religious skeptic, so it is possible he is still hanging aro

BKNJ Review - Veronica

One thing positive about the media industry; people respect quality content. Veronica came out with quite a buzz; foreign, subtitles, terrifying. There are no real dislikes to report. The story is interesting, the subtitles are very easy to pick-up on. Some crazy sh*t happens. Caution Minor Spoilers: The beginning/ending is masterful. Vero is an incredible character, an amazing canvas to paint the horrifying effects of what is happening in the film. …ugh, shake it off. “Sister Death” is awesome. “Veronica” was a perfect example of the horror genre, where film-makers take the tools at hand to be as compelling as possible. Overall - Must Watch

New Book: Do It.

Written by the creator of “BuzzkillNewJersey”, Joe Vrola, a new paperback and Kindle, “Do It.” “Do It.” summary: An introverted young man develops a new technology that will revolutionize the media industry. He begins documenting his daily life, when he suspects one of the biggest media companies in the country is spying on him. < Click here to get it on Amazon and Kindle.

BKNJ Characters - Mike and Tyler

All of the characters in “Buzzkill New Jersey”, are based-off of one or more real people. The majority of these individuals are from Colts Neck, New Jersey, which is in Monmouth County. Most of these kids grew-up together. The circle spreads-out pretty far. As is typical in New Jersey, multiple small, tight-knit cliques, all party together in one big group. Jack Cuomo, the party’s host, is responsible for this diversity because of his ability to get along with all the different cliques, such as; the jocks, the surfers, the skaters, the outcasts, and the stoners. Tyler is surfing partners with Dennis and Jerry. He lives a couple blocks from Jack in Belmar, and often comes to Jack’s house

BKNJ Review - Mute

Okay, I feel weird. Here at Buzzkill, we do not recommend watching Altered Carbon and Mute back to back, for the mere reason that the combined hopeless societal outlooks, might leave you feeling, kind of strange. Slight spoilers; something happens to Paul Rudd that stays with you, hours after the fact (and counting). Mute was a movie, which is great because modern attention spans can not even tolerate having to watch the closing/opening credits of a series for more than 3 seconds. Movies are meant to capture a smaller chunk of the viewers' time, which means a more condensed message. The message of Mute was basically that hot girls are more important than everything, and at Buzzkill, we a

BKNJ Review - Altered Carbon

Netflix again has proven that they are the top trail blazers, when it comes to original content. Altered Carbon is an incredibly imaginative series, but, since this is New Jersey, we do the dislikes first. First and foremost, Kristin Ortega was beyond annoying, to the point that we wanted the bad guys to win. Not ideal when the subject matter hits as close to home as it does in Altered Carbon. In fact, the only time Ortega was palatable, she was just a sleeve being operated by Reileen Kawahara (be still my beating heart). Now, with the dislikes out of the way, let us get to good stuff. Number one was Takeshi Kovacs’ sister Reileen Kawahara, who is smart, hot and loyal to her ungrateful

S.E. the Clairvoyant

Common consensus is that the Jersey Devil is ultimately responsible for the disappearance of "S.E. the Clairvoyant". S.E. garnered a following back in the late 80’s, after several big predictions came true. “S.E.” or “Sparkle Eyes” was the name given to her allegedly by Madam Marie from Asbury Park. Many speculated as to why she was so adamant about keeping her identity a secret, but since she could predict the future, it was understood to respect her wishes. In the mid-90’s, S.E. began to work with individuals who were dealing with paranormal entities (ghosts). It initially seemed like a quirky character trait, but S.E. could sense other people in the room, people who were not physicall

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