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S.E. the Clairvoyant

Common consensus is that the Jersey Devil is ultimately responsible for the disappearance of "S.E. the Clairvoyant". S.E. garnered a following back in the late 80’s, after several big predictions came true. “S.E.” or “Sparkle Eyes” was the name given to her allegedly by Madam Marie from Asbury Park. Many speculated as to why she was so adamant about keeping her identity a secret, but since she could predict the future, it was understood to respect her wishes.

In the mid-90’s, S.E. began to work with individuals who were dealing with paranormal entities (ghosts). It initially seemed like a quirky character trait, but S.E. could sense other people in the room, people who were not physically there. She was incredibly brave, and would help those plagued by possession when the Catholic church could not. Though she remained adamant that her celebrity remain designated to the people with whom she had contact with, but because she was pretty, her image spread. New Jersey can become quite the eco-chamber, and the people that she helped with their paranormal visitors were beyond grateful.

Some photographs recently arrived of S.E. from an anonymous source from southern Florida. The sender claimed to be a friend of S.E., who she visited with her friends in 1995, a couple months before her disappearance in south Jersey. The source said that S.E. was always friendly and thoughtful, but almost never spoke. This individual claims to have known S.E. for years, having grown-up in the same neighborhood as her family in New Jersey, before moving to to Florida in the late 80's.

These are that latest photographs available to us now of S.E., who disappeared shortly after returning home to New Jersey. She was allegedly scheduled to to help a young woman south Jersey who was having issues with a recently departed loved one.

This trip to Florida is a new development, as it was previously believed that she had never left New Jersey. Florida is also the location of the supposed common family members of Jack Cuomo and Michele Hart, Jack’s cousin, who many believe is S.E.’s true identity.

Updates to follow…

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