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BKNJ Characters - Mike and Tyler

All of the characters in “Buzzkill New Jersey”, are based-off of one or more real people. The majority of these individuals are from Colts Neck, New Jersey, which is in Monmouth County. Most of these kids grew-up together. The circle spreads-out pretty far.

As is typical in New Jersey, multiple small, tight-knit cliques, all party together in one big group. Jack Cuomo, the party’s host, is responsible for this diversity because of his ability to get along with all the different cliques, such as; the jocks, the surfers, the skaters, the outcasts, and the stoners.

Tyler is surfing partners with Dennis and Jerry. He lives a couple blocks from Jack in Belmar, and often comes to Jack’s house to hang out since it is closer to the beach. Tyler and Jerry like to party a lot harder than most, a characteristic similar to Jack Cuomo.

Mike Maloney played football with Jack in high school. Mike played wide-receiver, which meant he spent a lot of time working with Jack, who played quarterback. Jack and Mike are very good with the ladies. It is rumored that Jack became good friends with Mike because Jack is a bit shy, while Mike is fearless when it comes to talking to girls. Mike is also a good story-teller, but he has been known to stretch the truth.

Keep exploring the Director’s Post to learn more about the characters, and other Buzzkill Movie Trivia!

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