The Jersey Devil: Witness

Finally, another Jersey Devil witness story. A man found himself partying in an old abandoned house that exists deep within the woods of the Pine Barrens. The structure, while probably being creepy as all get down, would also play host to parties. (Sounds like fun.) The man walked out of the structure and looked out to the trees. Perched in some trees, he saw what he describes as a horse head snout. He saw the creature's breath as it hit the cold air. Large wings were draped over the rest of its dark body. Cue the pants-shitting. Which is apparently exactly what our witness did when he saw the Jersey Devil, in one of the more gangster stances, that a large demonic monster with large w

Please, Don’t Kill Yourself

Very rarely do we editorialize here in the Director’s Post, mainly because lots of people just want politics kept out of whatever form of entertainment they chose to watch. “Buzzkill New Jersey” is not a political film. It is based on a true story, and was written to describe the sometimes tragic nature of living in a place like New Jersey. Of all the bad news, of all the trends that we do not understand, the uptick in suicide, and the fetishization of it in our current pop-culture, is possibly the most upsetting. Soldiers have been killing themselves at record numbers, 22 per day on average. One would think, that the individuals whom we knowingly send into harm's way, for whatever reaso

Unsavory Associations

Growing up in the state of New Jersey is a gift, for those who make it out alive. For some, the sheer force of that many people, that many egos, that many vices, could mean their undoing. In the Buzzkill Universe, things are not much different. For instance, Nick (not his real name). Nick and Jack have known each other since they were in the 4th grade. (Same goes for most of these characters btw.) While most of the gang came from affluent backgrounds, not all did. You wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at them, but some of the group had childhoods that were rough. Financially, New Jersey is tough no matter what town you live in. Nick was the member of the group, who nobody knew much

HOPE Paranormal NEW BOX

In the latest from our spirit-chasing friends at HOPE Paranormal, Josh finally receives his re-modeled spirit box. What was once called the “Wonder Box” has been remastered with a brand new flux capacitor, and late model flux capacitor, to emerge back from the talented Steve Huff, as the “Soul Speaker” (pictured below). Josh seems eager to experience the upgraded package. God I love science. Spirit-chasers know, that to verify that what you are hearing is truly from the spirit world, run the Spirit Box backwards, in order to make sure your signals are not crossed with an old slip-and-fall lawyer commercial. This reverse feature seems to be working on the new box, and will ultimately make

The Buzzkill Monmouth County Connection

There seems to be a bit of confusion as to exactly how the Buzzkill Universe is related to the real world. Well to start, the crossover happens in Monmouth County, New Jersey. “Buzzkill New Jersey” is a film that is based on a true story. If you have been paying attention so far you know that means, the Jersey Devil is real. Back to Monmouth County. Most of the characters in “Buzzkill New Jersey” are based off of real people who grew up together in Colts Neck, New Jersey. While CN is not exactly a beach town, its unofficial beach is Belmar, New Jersey. “Jack Cuomo” and “Pat O’Donohue” are based on Joe Vrola and Will Leahey respectively, who were responsible for the first “Buzzkill,” wh

The White Light

As we close in on the completion of the first film, “Buzzkill New Jersey,” we cannot help but be thankful for our friends at HOPE Paranormal, for giving us some perspective. The life of a human person is anything but easy. Life as a spectrum can go from the greatest ups to the greatest downs. One thing above all, that we have been able to deduct from the communications between Josh and the spirit world, is the concept of “the Light”. At the start of the video, Josh started getting some shade thrown into his spirit-box session, mainly in the form of a certain guy named Ed. Briefly we will explain that Josh and Steve Huff established a connection to Ed after visiting the Bellaire House. T

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