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Unsavory Associations

Growing up in the state of New Jersey is a gift, for those who make it out alive. For some, the sheer force of that many people, that many egos, that many vices, could mean their undoing. In the Buzzkill Universe, things are not much different. For instance, Nick (not his real name). Nick and Jack have known each other since they were in the 4th grade. (Same goes for most of these characters btw.)

While most of the gang came from affluent backgrounds, not all did. You wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at them, but some of the group had childhoods that were rough. Financially, New Jersey is tough no matter what town you live in. Nick was the member of the group, who nobody knew much about. Despite Jack’s secrecy, everyone knew who his parents were, and his sisters. Nick’s background was a question mark.

It is rumored that Jack was the only member of the group to go over to Nick’s house during high school. He would not tell anyone what he saw there, but it probably was not good. Still, Nick was always the most optimistic person in the group. He was determined to change his station in life, he would not be a victim.

When Nick finally moved into his house off Belmar Blvd. everyone was shocked at how nice it was. Questions followed as to how Nick was able to get so ahead on his finances. Nick had always been a dealer of sorts, never anything crazy. In fact, much of Nick’s initial start-up capital came from an investment, from none other than Jack Cuomo.

But as the gang gets older, the vices get more intense. Nick has always been able to stay out of too much trouble, but his record is less than spectacular. Perhaps sensing some heat from the fuzz, rumor of Nick wanting to leave town have been starting to get around.

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