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The Jersey Devil: Witness

Finally, another Jersey Devil witness story. A man found himself partying in an old abandoned house that exists deep within the woods of the Pine Barrens. The structure, while probably being creepy as all get down, would also play host to parties. (Sounds like fun.)

The man walked out of the structure and looked out to the trees. Perched in some trees, he saw what he describes as a horse head snout. He saw the creature's breath as it hit the cold air. Large wings were draped over the rest of its dark body.

Cue the pants-shitting. Which is apparently exactly what our witness did when he saw the Jersey Devil, in one of the more gangster stances that a large demonic monster with large wings could stand. Now here is where things get weird.

Being south Jersey, or what might as well be the deep south of Tennessee, one of the witness' friends had a gun. And what do you do when you see a large demon looking at you from a tree? You shoot it. And that is exactly what his friend did. But the bullet passed right through the creature, not harming it at all. The group of friends then made a quick exit.

Wild, and the incident with the bullet passing cleanly through the creature without effecting it lends credibility to the theory that the Jersey Devil, while technically existing in New Jersey, exists in its own realm, perhaps a darker one, and this difference in dimension could explain why the earthly weapon did not even touch the beast.

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