Jersey Devil Origins: Marie Clapper Followers

Finally a Jersey Devil story from the last 100 years. This one is a bit murky, but I see the connection. South Jersey is the home of the Jersey Devil. The exact make-up of the creature or deity is split off into factions. They seem to change along with the different religious philosophies inhabiting New Jersey. Each use different names and representations. Most boil down to good vs. evil. The Jersey Devil is a “bringer of evil.” The creature’s motivation ranges from working passionately at the right hand of the devil Lucifer to an omnipotent being who exists simply to further its purpose. The Vietnam War is known as the “Forgotten War.” The United States had become “war-weary.” Unlik

Memorial Day pt. 2

Here is some more information about my grandfather Bill Hart, who was a Marine who served in WW2. He was an identical twin. My grandmother said his father couldn’t tell the two sons apart. Haha, good times. She said she could, but not many people could tell the two brothers apart. Bill enlisted in the Marines when he was 17. His brother enlisted two months before him. Bill was known to like to have a good time. Since I think I’ve inherited that party spirit from my Irish brethren, that makes sense. Bill ended up fighting battles in Guam, and Okinawa, Japan. He fought an enemy that would fight to the death, which always means more casualties on both sides. My grandma said he came back a

Memorial Day weekend

Let me clarify something. Our president asking us to honor the fallen in Japan in WW2 along with our troops is the equivalent of Ryan Howard toasting both sides of the Iraq war while it was still happening, in “The Office”. It is disgusting, and on “The Office” was done in jest to show just how much of an inconsiderate dick Ryan Howard was. We get it, you hate America. Moving on, your act is tired. Memorial Day weekend has become a happy time for the millennial generation because most are not having to deal with the horrors and casualties of the wars we (US) have fought. I like to hope that freedom, and the fruits of those losses are what is being celebrated. (I’ll take my rose-colored g

Origins of the Sun Devil Continued: Kilo – Loki Connection

There is a lot out there about Loki. He is featured in many different depictions. Matt Damon plays a tortured, humanist version from Christianity in “Dogma”. Tom Hiddleston plays homage to the Marvel comic-book Loki from “Thor” in movies like “The Avengers”. Loki embodies a modern-day “Dark Side” in a way that seems more appealing than anything that wrinkly monster could dream up. He is clever and charismatic, witty and sarcastically humorous. But Loki is the ultimate beta. Charming to a backwards under-generation, who must take every standard value and turn it upside-down. I guess when your brother (or father-figure in Christianity) is the big man on campus, you take what you grew u

Origins of the Sun Devil

Arizona State University has a well-known mascot called “Sparky the Sun Devil”. The official story is that the Sun Devil is a “mischievous little creature with no known back story”. My team set out to try to find more information… The logo was designed by a former ASU student and Disney animator, Bert Anthony. “Sparky” is a small, smiling, cartoon devil carrying a pitch-fork. Most sources insisted that a Sun Devil was simply an incarnation of the brutally hot and sunny desert climate. “Sparky is just Sparky” most people concluded. We eventually happened across a retired Anthropology professor, who asked to remain anonymous. His theory was that the Sun Devil design what based off of the


Hollywood has been aggravating me more and more over the course of my life. I’m casting a big net, but will focus on Hollywood (sorry hwood, it’s only to stay off the wrong fan-club’s radar). One of the reasons I hesitated getting into the media industry was that I felt like I couldn’t relate with the majority mindset, and would be at a disadvantage because of that. But what specifically am I referring to? In an age where the word “tolerance” is blasted into every part of our day-to-day, there are some groups of people who have been getting their asses kicked. Many of these people just suck it up, put on a brave face, and go to work every day hoping for a better circumstance in the future.

Buzzkill Movie Trivia

It is difficult to sell a movie when you don’t want to tell the audience the plot. I can safely relax knowing that no-one cares enough about my movie to ponder what’s going to happen in it. It does however, make the selling process harder. In my mind you already know how good the story line is. I made the promo video to give some life to the characters and put some media out there. But I didn’t want to give away the plot because it is better to watch it without knowing what’s going to happen. I released the storyboard for movie’s the trailer on the Kickstarter because that’s going to be released before the movie and it doesn’t ruin and plot twists. Here is what you need to know about the

Facebook-Bias Reports Further my Suspicions

I started this project for one reason above all others; I love movies. I love horror movies, I love movies of all genres. I wanted to make the movie that I always wanted to see, hoping others would appreciate it as well. I have never been an outgoing person. I almost never feel the need to put myself out there for other people to see. About three and a half years ago, I let my opinions be heard on Facebook about the presidential election, hoping that my posts could maybe reach someone who was on the fence. I love my country. With the advent of social media, I felt it was my civic-duty to do more than just quietly vote and keep my mouth shut as a member of the “silent majority”. Before I b

The Jersey Shore part 2

One of my goals in making Buzzkill NJ is to paint the Jersey Shore in a genuine light. I am an Italian male from New Jersey. I moved to Florida for a while and I could not believe the damage that the tv show “Jersey Shore” had done to the country’s opinion of where I grew up. “Blah, blah, blah Snookie hahaha! Dur!” It was like a bad dream. My grandparents left my parents a beach house in Belmar, NJ. Once summer-time came around, that was the spot to be. As I got older we spent more and more time at the beach (that’s another thing, we call it the beach. If someone calls it the shore, they’re visitors). I learned at a very young age what a “Benny” was. Bennys are people from North Jersey an

The Jersey Devil: Origins

One of the oldest legends describing the origin of the Jersey Devil and his influence traces all the way back to the forming of the United States. The Pilgrims who fled England in search of religious freedom ended up setting up small settlements along the east coast of North America. These small camps grew into communities, towns and then later cities and states. These early communities were tight-knit and very religious. There were many hardships to overcome trying to start a new country from scratch, but the will of the people was strong and determined. Most relied on their faith for strength to weather the odds and move their society forward. There were many however, who did not want the

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