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The Jersey Shore part 2

One of my goals in making Buzzkill NJ is to paint the Jersey Shore in a genuine light. I am an Italian male from New Jersey. I moved to Florida for a while and I could not believe the damage that the tv show “Jersey Shore” had done to the country’s opinion of where I grew up. “Blah, blah, blah Snookie hahaha! Dur!” It was like a bad dream.

My grandparents left my parents a beach house in Belmar, NJ. Once summer-time came around, that was the spot to be. As I got older we spent more and more time at the beach (that’s another thing, we call it the beach. If someone calls it the shore, they’re visitors). I learned at a very young age what a “Benny” was. Bennys are people from North Jersey and New York, who would come to the beach during the summer and rent out the rental houses.

They were the enemy. A predictable plague we would be expecting every year. They were exactly like those lovable Italian disasters from the show “Jersey Shore”. The guys were roided out and wore muscle shirts and too much hair gel, the girls were dressed as tacky as possible for the beach. Their skin resembled a well-cooked Thanksgiving turkey, and they walked with a confidence that should be reserved for Medal of Honor recipients. They spoke with awful New York-Italian accents that should be reserved for the mob exclusively. They would always be starting shit and wanting to fight the locals. Charming.

So imagine my surprise when “Jersey Shore” made the Bennys the focus of the show! Sacrilege! The loud-mouth, coke-head, Italian-stereotypes that crowd our beaches, drive like grandmothers while they “look for a spat”, take up our parking and genuinely ruin the atmosphere for everyone else! I vowed at that point I would reverse that stigma tied to the Jersey Shore, and show the real inhabitance and how they interact. Let’s hope it works!

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