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Hollywood has been aggravating me more and more over the course of my life. I’m casting a big net, but will focus on Hollywood (sorry hwood, it’s only to stay off the wrong fan-club’s radar). One of the reasons I hesitated getting into the media industry was that I felt like I couldn’t relate with the majority mindset, and would be at a disadvantage because of that.

But what specifically am I referring to? In an age where the word “tolerance” is blasted into every part of our day-to-day, there are some groups of people who have been getting their asses kicked. Many of these people just suck it up, put on a brave face, and go to work every day hoping for a better circumstance in the future.

I am an American, white, straight, Catholic male (GASP!). I was fortunate enough to grow up in a nice town in New Jersey (MY GOD, HE’S DISGUSTING!). Now a days, I’m basically the devil.

I can’t voice my opinion because somehow my ancestors caused all the oppression in this world? People are awful to people everywhere, and power corrupts universally. Italian and Irish immigrants weren't given a red carpet when they arrived in America. The ones that were promised freedom when they arrived here, got only freedom. They had to build it all themselves.

I’ve watched both my parents work endlessly my entire life. My father still routinely works 14 hour days, even after cutting back a few years ago. Neither expects to retire any time soon. Thankfully, my parents instilled a strong work-ethic in me growing up. I eventually learned after college, that life was going to be a lot more challenging, unfair and relentless than I ever thought possible.

So I soldier on. In an economy where people in the middle-class haven’t received a significant raise in 30 years, but the value of a dollar has consistently deflated. $20 is the new $5. The generation before me has put us so far into debt, that it is regularly said that the generation after me won’t even be able to pay it off.

It is insane to me that now, people are all “equal,” except when it comes to casting a villain in a Hollywood movie; enter a well-dressed “corporate-looking” guy. Can I complain that is a weak, uncreative stereotype that perverts concept of success and routinely uses people that look like me to do so? I could, but since I’m white, my complaint doesn’t need to be addressed, and I'll probably get called a racist to boot.

Now back to Hollywood. Like their allies in the larger media, they have a megaphone to reach the public. That power has been corrupted. We have already lost the right to free speech in this country with the pandering soft-racism of political-correctness. Hollywood trashes the United States and its principals and endlessly whales on Christianity every chance they get.

Like every industry, the ones at the top want to pull up the ladder behind them so that no one else can climb up and become their competition, but we’re starting to see Atlas begin to shrug…

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