BKNJ Review - Devil’s Tree - Rooted Evil

"Devil’s Tree" is the story of a real tree in Port St. Lucie, Florida, where the energy and spirits of the people killed around it still linger. It is believed that the tree itself is simply a conduit for demonic spirits, cultivated by evil and sick people on earth that feed this beast. While certain liberties are necessary to make the film a watchable motion picture, Devil’s Tree does a good job of staying true to form with the concept of paranormal helpers or spirit chasers. Yes folks, the Devil’s Tree is real and it’s in Florida (not surprising, have you ever been to the sticks in Florida? Thank you, no, where is the nearest Ritz Cartlon?) The interesting story carries the film, but t

The Buzzkill Universe

The Buzzkill Universe exists in a dimension that very closely resembles our world. In fact, the two worlds have operated almost identically, with a few key differences. The biggest difference is the existence of the Jersey Devil. While the creature has been spotted multiple times in our universe, its influence in the Buzzkill Universe is much stronger. New Jersey and more specifically the Pine Barrens of south Jersey, is where the portal exists to the Jersey Devil’s home. This world is perpetually dark. The scenery is mostly woods-like, with stretches of desert and large trenches scattered in between. So what exactly is it that attracts the Jersey Devil to the Buzzkill dimension? Hope.

Chris Part 3

In the latest video from HOPE Paranormal, Josh revisits Woodlawn Cemetery in West Palm Beach, where he again speaks with “Chris”. Chris is a spirit who claims to be stuck in or around the cemetery. He claims that he never sees anyone else. Chris died by suicide, and it is largely believed that purgatory for individuals who commit suicide involves complete isolation. The spirit vaguely remembers Josh’s visit a couple days ago, but not the details of their conversation. While some viewers expressed doubts about “Chris”, saying he might be a different spirit who is just toying with Josh, the case is still compelling. Spirits all have vapid sounding voices, but they are distinguishable. Re

Suicide Purgatory

In the latest video from HOPE Paranormal, Josh begins with the use of the spirit box (pictured). This machine helps spirits (ghosts) communicate with the users by channeling the spirit’s energy using radio frequencies. These sessions are often confusing because the spirits exist in a different dimension. They do not follow the basic rules of our world, including conversation. The box allows the spirit to have a voice. The spirit box often attracts multiple spirits, who take turns communicating. Just like humans, some are nice, some are rude, some are good and some are bad. The reactions heard when Josh says that he believes in Jesus Christ are proof of this. An interesting anomaly was

Buzzkill Origins

The first “Buzzkill” story was originally called “The Unfortunate Pizza Boy.” The legend was, a group of male teenage friends had the misfortune of ending up on the radar of a serial killer. There is a lot of dispute as to what caused this to happen, but common consensus was that one of the guys, a noted d*ckhead, started an altercation with a classmate that caused this person to snap and commit the attacks. The original name was because the killer first killed a local pizza delivery boy, who was known to deliver to the house in Belmar, New Jersey where the friends hung out. It was believed that the killer stabbed the delivery guy as a warm-up. Out of the four friends, two were murdered.

Buzzkill Movie Trivia

“Jack Cuomo”, a character based-off of, and played by the writer/director Joe M. Vrola (pictured, far right), is throwing an annual 4th of July party, at his beach-house on the Jersey Shore. If you have been keeping up with the Director’s Post, you would know that the Jersey Devil is a real thing. (Learn more in the Jersey Devil Category) Buzzkill New Jersey tells the story of the time the Jersey Devil visited the Jersey Shore and crashed Jack's party. Almost all of the characters are based on real people, and much of the plot is based on events that did happen. Yes, that means the Devil is real, and he lives in New Jersey. That is all you need to know going in, we promise. Unless our fr

Carl in Purgatory

People have all different fears. Many times, fears, resentments or reservations can be caused by traumatic events during childhood, while the individual is developing into the person they ultimately become. One of the most chilling fears shared by most mortals, is dying and going to, you know. While common consensus is that the wicked and evil get sent down into the fire, there are plenty of spirits who stay stuck on earth. Depending on the circumstances that led them to not be able to move-on after death, spirits become stuck in some general vicinity, often places they frequented in life. Following the exciting return-trip to Riddle House, Josh went back to Woodlawn Cemetery in West Palm

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