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Buzzkill Origins

The first “Buzzkill” story was originally called “The Unfortunate Pizza Boy.” The legend was, a group of male teenage friends had the misfortune of ending up on the radar of a serial killer. There is a lot of dispute as to what caused this to happen, but common consensus was that one of the guys, a noted d*ckhead, started an altercation with a classmate that caused this person to snap and commit the attacks.

The original name was because the killer first killed a local pizza delivery boy, who was known to deliver to the house in Belmar, New Jersey where the friends hung out. It was believed that the killer stabbed the delivery guy as a warm-up. Out of the four friends, two were murdered. One was hung from the ceiling in the garage, the second had his throat slashed.

The remaining two went out looking for the killer, presumably to stop him or her, and avoid the same fate as their friends. Police arrested the final member of the group, after he came into the station holding what he claimed was his friend’s severed arm. The body of the last friend was never found. No one knows what really ended up happening. The legend has been told many different ways, all pointing at different killers.

A group of high schoolers made a film based on these events that was lost.

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