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Buzzkill Movie Trivia

“Jack Cuomo”, a character based-off of, and played by the writer/director Joe M. Vrola (pictured, far right), is throwing an annual 4th of July party, at his beach-house on the Jersey Shore.

If you have been keeping up with the Director’s Post, you would know that the Jersey Devil is a real thing. (Learn more in the Jersey Devil Category)

Buzzkill New Jersey tells the story of the time the Jersey Devil visited the Jersey Shore and crashed Jack's party. Almost all of the characters are based on real people, and much of the plot is based on events that did happen. Yes, that means the Devil is real, and he lives in New Jersey.

That is all you need to know going in, we promise. Unless our friends in the industry want to cut us a trailer. Keep checking in for updates and more Buzzkill Movie Trivia!

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